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Rebecca Hakola   |   http://hakolastudios.com

"The project’s ultimate purpose was to inspire the viewer to view the selected typeface in a new light. This design celebrates 90 years of Futura, and within its pages flaunts 20 style formats, that of which the first introduced by Paul Renner in the early 1900s. It is a "squeeky clean" approach to visual communication, and boasts a clinical style aesthetic that consists of one large A3 poster which encases collectors cards and a small information booklet. The stock used is waterproof and primarily designed for wear and tear by readers, as they learn more about Futura, one of the world’s most famous and commonly used typefaces."

Rebecca Hakola is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. With a multidisciplinary approach to design and unique autonomy of thought and style, she is continuously developing her own formula for effective visual and literary communication through design. Every project she undertakes draws inspiration from her Scandinavian and Australian backgrounds, offering fresh and refined outcomes.

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This past week amid so many soul-revivifying Rookie events in Chicago and New York, there was a lot of “Wait—you have never heard of/seen/read _________?!” following by a furious evangelization on our fave books, movies, bands, dance moves. One of mine was trying to explain to Krista and Tavi who Sister Corita was “She was a radical nun who taught art and was an artist, she is going to blow your minds,” was my inarticulate explanation—but then this morning Brain PIcking posted Sister Corita’s rules for her students. I live through and am liberated by 4-9—but these rules go a long way towards explaining who she is. There is also an excerpt of a documentary on her here.
—Jessica H.

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bacc exhibition: CROSS_STITCH
A trans-conceptual exhibition to present the works of young artists

Poster, Invitation card and Pre-Catalogue design. 2013

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Logo ideation favorites for Hammond International a start up company specializing in centrifuge balancing and repair. 2013, Katherine Rivich

Hi, I’m Katherine. -Katherine Rivich, 2013 [Nicole Killian]


Book binding sketchbooks. Katherine Rivich, 2013


when productivity is ruined from things beyond my control,there is nothing to do but make motivational desktop notes. 

A nice little reminder for the next couple weeks for when we set up for our senior show.